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Find dates from Rio Grande do Sul Dating including Ijui and nearby cities, Santo Angelo (35 km), Panambi (42 km), Cruz Alta (42 km), Girua (58 km), Santo Augusto (61 km), Tres de Maio (74 km), Tupancireta (77 km), Santa Rosa (79 km), Palmeira das Missoes (80 km), Cerro Largo (84 km), Ibiruba (84 km), Horizontina (93 km), Julio de Castilhos (96 km), Sao Luiz Gonzaga (101 km), Tres Passos (103 km), Nao Me Toque (108 km), Sarandi (109 km), Carazinho (110 km), Espumoso (111 km), Colonia Aurora (117 km), Alba Posse (120 km), Panambi (122 km), El Soberbio (124 km), Frederico Westphalen (125 km), Santiago (128 km), Veinticinco de Mayo (138 km), Sao Pedro do Sul (139 km), Mojon Grande (143 km), Santa Maria (144 km).

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Ijui Dating
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Results are based on a radius search of Ijui, Rio Grande do Sul with a Ijui center lookup of:
R. Bento Gonçalves
460 - Centro
IjuĂ­ - RS

Dating Ijui

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Date in Ijui

There are approximately 225 registered profiles from Ijui. Including surrounding areas of Santo Angelo, Panambi, Cruz Alta, Girua, Santo Augusto, Tres de Maio, Tupancireta, Santa Rosa, Palmeira das Missoes, Cerro Largo, Ibiruba, Horizontina, Julio de Castilhos, Sao Luiz Gonzaga, Tres Passos, Nao Me Toque, Sarandi, Carazinho, Espumoso, Colonia Aurora, Alba Posse, Panambi, El Soberbio, Frederico Westphalen, Santiago, Veinticinco de Mayo, Sao Pedro do Sul, Mojon Grande, Santa Maria, there are over 3,048 members and growing every day.