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Find dates from Paraiba Dating including Conde and nearby cities, Bayeux (14 km), Santa Rita (15 km), Joao Pessoa (17 km), Alhandra (19 km), Cruz do Espirito Santo (23 km), Pitimbu (26 km), Pedras de Fogo (27 km), Caapora (28 km), Cabedelo (31 km), Goiana (35 km), Juripiranga (37 km), Pilar (38 km), Condado (41 km), Itabaiana (46 km), Itaquitinga (49 km), Mari (50 km), Mamanguape (52 km), Timbauba (52 km), Rio Tinto (53 km), Itapissuma (57 km), Gurinhem (58 km), Salgado de Sao Felix (59 km), Itamaraca (61 km), Aracoiaba (62 km), Nazare da Mata (63 km), Mogeiro (63 km), Igarassu (63 km), Vicencia (63 km), Mulungu (65 km).

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Conde Dating
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Date Night Conde
Results are based on a radius search of Conde, Paraiba with a Conde center lookup of:
Estr. ValĂȘ das Cascatas
413 - Jardim Recreio
Conde - PB

Dating Conde

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Date in Conde

There are approximately 43 registered profiles from Conde. Including surrounding areas of Bayeux, Santa Rita, Joao Pessoa, Alhandra, Cruz do Espirito Santo, Pitimbu, Pedras de Fogo, Caapora, Cabedelo, Goiana, Juripiranga, Pilar, Condado, Itabaiana, Itaquitinga, Mari, Mamanguape, Timbauba, Rio Tinto, Itapissuma, Gurinhem, Salgado de Sao Felix, Itamaraca, Aracoiaba, Nazare da Mata, Mogeiro, Igarassu, Vicencia, Mulungu, there are over 4,457 members and growing every day.